Telling stories vs. selling experiences.

We were kids. We were growing and learning at different kind of learn and you grow - sometimes, at the same time, together, which is amazing. Sometimes, you have painful periods of time where you kind of have to grow by yourself. And I think that if you didn’t have those we definitely wouldn’t be as strong as we are now.
— Kelcey Walters

I think one of the most common misconceptions of filmmaking or creating videos is that the term “story telling” becomes vague. There are many ways to tell a story, but when someone attempts to sell you by implying that they want to “tell your story” on your wedding day, then it becomes more about selling the experience of including video - rather than actually telling a story.

Telling stories vs. selling an experience

When a company, photographer, videographer, or anyone else implies that they wish to “tell your story,” it becomes more of a sales tactic to provide an emotional attachment to their business for your wedding day. This is not to discredit any of the wonderful photographers or videographers that can capture your day. 

We see this too often in the wedding industry where companies will offer to tell your story, but, in all honesty, they are only limited to the activities and location of your wedding day. When you tell your story, it should make sense to you as a couple. We all understand that a wedding is a pure embrace of your love, happiness, and willingness to spend the rest of your lives together, but it’s also just one day of your incredible journey together. 

Here are some ideas of things you can do with your photographer or videographer to give more insight into who you are as a couple:

  • Relive your first date

  • Take a hike through your favorite park

  • Do something daring that you’ve always wanted to do together (skydiving, snorkeling, feed the giraffes at the zoo, etc.)

  • Go to lunch / dinner at your favorite restaurant and let them capture you in your own, intimate element

Telling your story

As a couple, the best stories are the ones you share together. One of the most popular things we like to ask our couples is:

  • How did you two meet?

  • How long have you been together?

  • What’s your secret to maintaining a happy relationship?

These questions are great for getting to know the couple on an personal level, but there never really seems to be a way to tell this story through photographs or videos placed over the couples favorite song (ie: highlight videos / wedding videos). We feel that the best way to actually “tell your story” is for you to do it yourself - who knows you better than you, right?

This love story

This beautiful pre-wedding interview came from Kelcey and Chelsea during their engagement session last summer and we could not be more happy to present it to you.

Edited by: Kayla Warren