Kat & Scott | Douglasville Manor Wedding

Kelcey & Chelsea | Cloudland Canyon State Park

These two women have had one hell of a life! I have known Kelcey for about a decade now and have heard so much about Chelsea, but never actually had the pleasure of meeting her; so, when Kelcey called me to shoot their engagement session there was no way I could turn it down! Kelcey is the kind of person that always has a smile on her face; she has one of the most contagious personalities I have ever met. To say Chelsea completes Kelcey is an understatement. These two are so rich in life and soul that they equally compliment each other, but if you ever see them a part you are always in for a good time! Kelcey has already made plans for me to film their wedding, but an excuse to get away from the city of Atlanta and explore Canyons and waterfalls was too good of an opportunity to spend some much needed time with an old friend!

On the way to their engagement session, Kelcey had expressed her concern for up coming biopsy - that later turned out to be breast cancer. Today, Kelcey is kicking it’s ass! These two have not let this event slow them down. To this day, these two continue to go on hikes, just recently got back from their honeymoon, Kelcey is constantly posting videos and pictures to update her progress; but you will never catch her without a smile on her face! Even though these past few months have been difficult, Kelcey and Chelsea remain optimistic and even more full of life!

Funny story: We were actually looking for a specific waterfall to take their engagement photos and thought Cloudland Canyon was the location we had all imagined; unfortunately, it was not. We spent at least an hour looking for this specific waterfall, but this led us to exploring the entirety of the canyon for some incredible photo opportunities!

To follow that, I cannot thank these women enough for being so absolutely amazing! Also, for inviting along on their adventure; for letting me into their life; for sharing their hopes, dreams, and fears with me; for believing in my talents, journey, and passion; and for being incredible friends along the way!


Keisha & Matt

Keisha and Matt were getting ready for their elopement to the Philippines when they reached out to me, regarding a small reception they were holding for their family when they returned home. It was a very calm summer afternoon, with beautiful weather. Their family was so warm and kind, and welcomed me in with open arms, and a plate at the table. They smiled and laughed through the entire ceremony and reception as they told stories, and showed off pictures as proof, from their elopement.

This small reception was my first solo wedding and it was incredible. As soon as I arrived, my anxiety disappeared as the entire family made sure that I felt that I was at home. I truly love video, and I have much more to learn when it comes to photography, but I have been so blessed to have met such wonderful people and work with amazing couples as they go through life and reach new milestones together.